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Membership Requirements

The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society invites you be a part of the Los Angeles writing community of published and aspiring writers.


The more than a thousand members of the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society welcomes writers of all levels of expertise and disciplines. Interested parties may attend one of our general meetings free to assess their interest. Programs vary from month to month, so we encourage you to attend often to fully appreciate the variety and depth of our programs and membership.

You may join the general membership in the following categories, based on your qualifications, and move to another category as new qualifications merit. You must be an active member of the society in good standing to join a critique group. Only Active, Aspiring, and Supporting Members are eligible for the Advisory Board.

Active Members

Active membership is accorded those writers whose work is in print, or is a paid writer, and meets our minimum criteria. There are no limits to the number of active members in any branch.

Fiction or Nonfiction: Applicants must have been published or show proof of acceptance in one or more periodicals of general circulation, or in one or more books published by a publisher of standing.

Poetry: A writer must have been published in one or more periodicals of high editorial standards, or had a book of sufficient distinction published.

Screen and Stage Writing: An applicant may qualify in one of the following ways:

  • Publication: At least one play published in book form or by a publisher of standing.
  • Stage Plays: A playwright, also known as a dramatist, is a person who writes dramatic literature or drama. These works are usually written to be performed in front of a live audience by actors. They also may be closet dramas or literary works written using dramatic forms but not meant for performance. At least one performance by a professional cast or recognized semiprofessional group.
  • Screenplays: At least one sale to a member of the PGA
  • Radio and/or Television: At least one professionally-produced script.

Paid Freelancer / Professional: A writer who has been paid for their work in any professional field, including journalism, corporate communications, advertising/marketing, editing, rewriting, and ghost-writing.

Photojournalism: A photojournalist must show publication in one or more periodicals of general circulation, or must have had a book published.

Editors: The applicant must be an editor of a periodical of general circulation. However, we recommend “Supporting” if your primary focus is editing other’s work.

Newspaper Writers: The applicant must be or have been a feature writer, columnist, or regular by-lined reporter.

Self-Publishers: Material is required to be published under the applicant’s own imprint. Eligibility is based on professional presentation, writing style, graphics, and planned distribution.

Online Publishers: Applicants can apply for Associate membership until a membership policy is established.

Aspiring Members

Writers who are not yet published but can show work in progress may apply for membership as a aspiring author. You enjoy all the benefits of an Active Member.

Supporting Members

Supporting membership is for those interested in the writing craft but do not meet the above minimum qualifications. Supporting Membership is for non-writing literary professionals, librarians, agents, booksellers, publishers, educators, book illustrators, publicists, and similar professions.

Supporting members may apply for a change in membership status when they achieve the criteria of another category.

Student Members

There are no writing requirements for this category, which includes any person who can prove that they are actively enrolled in a school with a writing program.

Student members may apply for a change in membership status when they achieve the criteria of another category.

Lifetime Membership

GLAWS offers lifetime memberships; you may upgrade your membership at any time, with substantial credit for dues already paid.

GLAWS is a 501(c) non-profit educational and social association with a mission to provide mentorship in the Craft and Business of writing. Your membership dues/donations may qualify as a business expense for a tax deduction. This is not a legal opinion. Please consult your tax professional for details. Upon joining, you may request a receipt or letter for your files.

First attendee meetings are free. We invite all writers, guests and supporters to attend a free meeting, Special Speaker Event, or Critique Group meeting. As we are a non-profit organization and do have expenses, we appreciate a donation at the door, if you can.

Special events may have a separate admission fee in order to pay for the speaker and event expenses.

This GLAWS dues structure is voted on every January by the Advisory Board as approved by the Executive Board, and subject to change.