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 Saturday February 20, 2:30 - 5± pm

While most of us are practicing social distancing and working from home, the Age of The Pandemic has induced loneliness,  anxiety, and probably some writers block. So, when you need help to polish that work, consult with an editor, or pitch an agent, one of the best ways to accomplish this is to reach out in the virtual world. But how do you maximize your investment in time and money to best benefit your career?

You can do this by attending an online/virtual writers conference! It’s a great opportunity to hone your craft without having to compromise health and safety. This panel of authors and industry professionals will discuss the pros and cons of attending a virtual writers event, such as the California Creative Writers Conference Feb 26-March 06. Learn the secrets of getting the most out of this virtual environment, plus get all your questions answered. Don't miss this unique event tailored for every writers from aspiring to pro. No matter what you are writing, from personal memoirs to true crime, historical, human rights, organized crime and much more, this is a FREE event you must attend. Admission is Free. Hey, and it's online, so parking is Free.


The vast majority of Paul S. Levine’s clients come to him as new, previously unpublished, or self-published authors. Levine has a keen understanding of industry strategy and has the editorial contacts required to ensure his success as both a literary agent and entertainment law attorney, and is thus able to offer his clients a comprehensive range of publishing or literary attorney services.

His unique combination of publishing industry savvy and entertainment legal services makes Levine a dynamic choice for both new and published authors alike. Leaning toward socially and politically important literature, he will consider fiction, Nonfiction, children’s, and young adult manuscripts and proposals for Nonfiction books. Highly aware of market trends and editors’ preferences, Levine limits himself to projects which he believes in and feels certain he can sell. As an entertainment lawyer, Levine has written the legal contracts for several books adapted as movies-for-television. With over a quarter of a century of experience in the entertainment and book industries, Levine is one of the few lawyers on the West coast who also understands the world of book publishing; as such, he is able to act as both literary agent and publishing attorney for his clients.


Sue Arroyo is the founder of CamCat Publishing. which under Sue’s leadership, is doing things differently. Her efforts in finding the best authors mean that readers will be able to find books that they truly want to live in. CamCat Publishing was launched as a publisher of quality genre fiction. We’re always looking for that next good read, for what we call Books to Live in: the book to curl up with on the sofa, the book that takes you to another place and time, the book that stays with you beyond the last page.

CamCat Books focuses on genre fiction in the following areas: Mystery/Thriller/Suspense, Science Fiction & Fantasy, and Romance (but we’re looking really hard at a couple of Westerns, too). They publish adult, novel-length genre fiction. We’ll look at any good tale, but what we want to see most urgently revolves around these genres.


Steven Hutson is a native of Los Angeles, and the owner of WordWise Media Services, a literary agency and author consultant. In the course of his career he has mentored hundreds of aspiring writers.

Steve established his editing business in 2005, handling hundreds of books1 on every subject from Bible study to yoga to credit repair. He managed a writers’ conference for several years, and mentored hundreds of aspiring authors. Finally, in early 2011, he branched out as a literary agent.

He has placed his clients’ works with Dutton, Thomas Nelson, Tyndale, Potomac, David C. Cook, Praeger, Writer’s Digest Books, and others. Several clients have won prestigious awards for their works.


Nicolas Nelson -- Founder Wordsmith Writing Coaches

Nic founded WWC in 2004 to help international grad students excel in America. In 2007, Nic added nonfiction book editing, then children's book editing, genre-fiction editing, and coaching for authors in both craft and career.

WWC now offers a broad array of services through its coaches, editors, and strategic partners: they can help you bring your book from concept to publication and acclaim. Nic’s clients have published picture books, Western, memoir, philosophy, futurism, historical fiction, how-to, self-help, spiritual growth, short stories, poetry collections, and more.



For over twenty-five years, Dan was a development executive in the entertainment industry. Sixteen of those years were spent at the company now known as FremantleMedia, where he served as the Vice President of Development and Current Programming,. One-hour dramatic series he supervised included Baywatch, Air America, Sirens, numerous movies of the week, pilots, and game shows (Family Feud, To Tell the Truth, The Price is Right).

Mr. Watanabe graduated Cum Laude from the University of Southern California with a BA in Cinema, Critical Studies (1985). He is currently in process for an MFA in Digital Cinema Production at National University (expected graduation 2014).

Dan is also the Director of the IDEAS grant, a California Economic and Workforce Development Responsive Training Fund Regional Center.

For the past eleven years, he has taught television history, low budget film production/distribution and beginning screenwriting at Los Angeles Valley College. He is also currently serving as SLO coordinator for the Media Arts Department.


Tony N. Todaro is Co-founder and President of the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society. He has earned a fair living as a writer, brand strategist and creative director for over thirty years, consulting and writing for a wide range of organizations, from Fortune 1000 companies to non-profits, Hollywood unions, the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center / Department of Defense and more.

He is also the Executive Director of West Coast Writers Conferences (WC2) which produces the Annual Greater Los Angeles Writers Conference, the Digital Author and Indie Publishing Conference, the Genre-La Writers Conference, Masters Workshops, the BCX, and many Special Speaker Events.

He is also a consultant to conventions and workshops on their writers program. He is a regular speaker at the Los Angeles Regional Science Fiction Convention, the San Diego Science Fiction Conventions, The Bay Area Science Fiction Convention, Westercon, and other events, where he has appeared on countless writer panels. He has programmed hundreds of events and special speaker panels on the craft and business of writing.

He was a professional consultant to the Media Arts department, the Entertainment Industry Training Collaboration (EITC) and the IDEAS group. He also strategized and authored the branding and website for Los Angeles Valley College’s Media Arts, which included Cinema, Screenplay and Broadcasting.

Saturday February 20, 2021
Pacific Time

Special Presentation by the
Greater Los Angeles Writers Society
West Coast Writers Conferences

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