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"Things I Wish I'd Known Before Becoming a Published Author"

This is your best chance to discover the ‘must know secrets’ you should be armed with – even before you seek an agent, a publisher, or decide to self-publish. The path you chose will depend largely on your specific goals. However, if you want your books in the hands of readers beyond your family and personal friends your marketing plan will begin long before your publication date.

The publishing industry has changed and continues to change. However the priority for quality writing has not. Readers want to be entertained, educated, or enlightened. Therefore, with only 24 hours in a day, and the inescapable fact that authors must be savvy in marketing as well being adept in capturing today's readers, time management essential. How to master this key ingredient will be discussed.

If you want to become an established author you don’t want to miss this chance to learn the process of how to be prepared for success. International Award-Winning Author Darlene Quinn would love to share it with you.

If you are serious about your career as an author, you can't afford to miss this special educational event! Admission is free and open to all writers. The Guest of Honor dinner afterwards is open to GLAWS members in good standing.

Saturday, March 24, 2:00 pm
Note Earlier Time!

1320 Highland Ave. Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
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Sherwood SmithInternational Award Winning Author Darlene Quinn

Ms. Quinn became interested in storytelling at an early age but did not begin writing until her adult life. With an insider's perspective on the rise and fall of major department stores, she now writes what she likes to read, which is page turning suspense, based on actual events. Her goal is never to allow the facts to get in the way of a good story.

Darlene Quinn is an international award winning author and speaker from Long Beach, California.

Prior to being an author and speaker, Quinn was a teacher in the public school system, a self-improvement and modeling instructor, a private contractor for department stores (Bullock's / Robinson's) and hospitals.

Quinn's first published novel, Sizzling Cold Case, published in January of 2007, was a somewhat unusual collaboration as well as labor of love for her dear friend, Buddy Ebsen. His work-in-progress was a Barnaby Jones novel, which at his widow's request, Quinn was thrilled to complete.

She has two children, John and Jodie, six wonderful grandchildren, and lives with her fantastic husband and greatest supporter, Jack, in Long Beach and Big Bear, California.

The Web Series: Character-driven, page-turning suspense, based on real events in the world of department stores and fashion. Readers are given the insider’s perspective so that they feel smarter about things they have heard or read about while sharing the lives of fascinating characters and being entertained.

Webs of Fate, is the prequel to Webs of Power. This highly anticipated new novel that ramps up the suspense by opening with a murder. Or is it?

Webs of Fate, winner of the Readers Favorite Award for General Fiction, is the prequel to her Award Winning Web Series. Webs of Power, the first novel in the series is the winner of the 2009 National Indie Excellence Award for General Fiction. The highly anticipated sequel, Twisted Webs, is the 2011 International Book Award Winner for Fiction and Literature, as well as the Winner of the 2011 National Indie Excellence Award for General Fiction. Darlene is currently working on Unpredictable Webs.

-Webs of Power is a fictionalized story of events that marked the 80’s. Having been on the corporate management team at Bullocks Wilshire (major division of Federated Department Stores, now Macy’s Inc.), Darlene (Jack) Quinn saw first-hand how greed became a major factor in the demise of our regional department stores. Our recent economic market not only parallels the 80’s, but while still reeling from the debt incurred during that period, retailers where hit with the worst recession since the depression, which brought about the demise of several retailers giants. Among the casualties were Mervin’s, Circuit City, Linens and Things….While Quinn delivers authentic background in the world of department stores and fashion, she maintains page turning suspense and never allows the facts to bog down her compelling character-driven stories.

In Twisted Webs, the sequel of the national award winning Webs of Power, Quinn once again involves her main protagonists—Mark and Paige Toddman and Conrad and Ashleigh Taylor—in personal and professional struggles. The author hooks the reader with a gripping case of kidnapping that is then interwoven with plot twists and intrigue that she conveyed so convincingly in her first works of fiction. Along the way, readers are once again treated to her insider’s knowledge of the fate and future of our beloved department stores.


The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society is a non-profit organization that provides a forum for writers of all disciplines to meet and discuss the craft and the business of writing. GLAWS accomplishes this through monthly meetings, discussion forums, critique groups, special writer appearances, conferences, and other events conducted for the purpose of educating and mentoring writers of all levels of expertise. GLAWS Special Speaker Events are open to the public, and a great venue to meet other writers and expand your expertise.


GLAWS Exclusive Special Speaker Event!


Manhattan Beach Library
1320 Highland Ave.
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Parking is limited,
so please come early!








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