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A Special Speaker Event!

"The New Paradigms for Writing and Selling to Hollywood"

The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society is proud to present a talented and award-winning slate of authors, writers, producers and industry experts who will appear in person to share their experiences on the craft and business of writing for Hollywood. There’s no question in today’s economy and with the merger of more studios that the paradigms in Hollywood have changed. So how do you as an author address those changes – or do you? Is there still room for originality in the land of never-ending sequels? And how do you get a foot in the door let alone a manuscript when many of the decision-makers are new-school MBA’s instead of traditional entrepreneurs or innovators? This panel of industry professionals will provide insight and perspective that can help guide you on the path to success, no matter what you are writing. Learn more about our guest speakers below.

The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society is a non-profit organization that provides a forum for writers of all disciplines to meet and discuss the craft and the business of writing. GLAWS accomplishes this through monthly meetings, discussion forums, critique groups, special writer appearances, conferences, and other events conducted for the purpose of educating and mentoring writers of all levels of expertise. GLAWS Special Speaker Events are open to the public, and a great venue to meet other writers and expand your expertise.

This Special Event was held Saturday, October. 17th, 3:00 pm at the Palms-Rancho Park Library in the Ray Bradbury Room.

                   Woody at the Greater Los Angeles Writers SocietyRuss Woody is an Emmy and Golden Globe winning writer. The Wheel of Nuldoid is his first book, after spending years in the trenches of Hollywood. He has written and produced such notable shows as Murphy Brown, Mad About You, Cybill, Becker and The Drew Carey Show, among others. He has also written for Hill Street Blues and St. Elsewhere.

Writer/Producer for: Becker, Murphy Brown, The Drew Carey Show, Mad About You, Notes From The Underbelly, Room For Two, Style & Substance, Parenthood - the series Double Rush, Good Sports, Good Advice, The Jeff Foxworthy Show, Cybill, The Middle.

10 Luck Things...Russ grew up in Northern California (Oakland, Walnut Creek, Red Bluff, Salinas, Sacramento, Chico). He graduated from CSU, Chico in 1979. He moved to Los Angeles in 1980 where he worked as a Production Assistant on Benson and Bosom Buddies before working as a television writer. In the early 1980s he was hired in Development at MTM (Mary Tyler Moore's company). Other shows he has written for are Benson, Webster, Fantasy Island, Newhart, Easy Street, Valerie, Slap Maxwell, Parenthood, Good Sports, Smoldering Lust (The Black Tie Affair), Room For Two, Good Advice, Double Rush, Style & Substance and Notes From The Underbelly. Russ lives in Los Angeles and Ventura with his wife, Catherine Campbell, his sons, Henry and Joe.

Learn more & get his book here:


               Steven Gregory at the Greater Los Angeles Writers SocietyMichael Steven Gregory is an independent filmmaker and screenwriter of material ranging from mainstream drama and bio-pics to animated action-adventure and video games. He has scripted series for Fox, UPN and HBO, directed television and features in a variety of genres, and has been involved as a writer, producer or director in over 150 short films. His recent long form projects include "A Valentine Carol" (Lifetime) and the award-winning Decalogue “We, The Screenwriter." Current projects include a documentary, "Border Badge: Crossing the Line.”

We The WriterIn the video game arena, Gregory is often brought in to troubleshoot game design with particular emphasis on strong narrative-based storylines. Titles he's worked on span “Dragon Tales,” with Terry Jones of Monty Python fame, to snowboarding's “Amped 3” for the Xbox 360, and overall story development for 2K Sports’ “Don King Presents: Prizefighter.”

As president of The American Academy of Arts, Gregory also helms its popular Indie Filmmaker's Bootcamp and is executive director of the Southern California Writers' Conference, which has facilitated nearly $4 million in book and screen deals for emerging authors over its 23 years.


Deborah Pratt at the Greater Los Angeles Writers SocietyDeborah M. Pratt is a significant force in Hollywood. She is a five-time Emmy nominee, a Golden Globe nominee, and the recipient of The Lillian Gish Award from Women in Film, The Angel Award, The Golden Block Award, and Six B.E.N. Awards. From the award-winning series Quantum Leap to the internationally acclaimed Masterpiece Theatre's Cora Unashamed, Deborah M. Pratt’s vision is an inspiration to audiences worldwide. A master storyteller with a spiritual dream for a better world, Deborah M. Pratt breaks the mold of science fiction and creates a genre of science fantasy with the soul of the universe and a key to the human heart. Intricately layered with scientific fact and fascinating detail, The Vision Quest is a riveting journey.

Book CoverThe Vision Quest Trilogy opens when the harmony of Book One’s The Age of Light is torn into factions of the beings—human and the array of new species that now share our planet—who must grapple with forces and technologies at once ancient and frighteningly new. Here we find seventeen-year-old Cole “Lazer” Lazerman, a young man bent on both revenge and redemption. With his beloved father murdered and his Atlantian home under the control of the biodroid Black Guards and their evil leader, Five, Lazer enters a series of explosive battlefields—spiritual, virtual and real. His personal fight to control his own emotions can ultimately bring salvation or the world’s impending doom.

In Book Two’s The Odyssey Lazer, along with his friends—and the newfound love of his life—must master the Visionistic Arts, harness the limitless power of the human mind and spirit, survive the perilous odyssey to get home in time to save himself, his mother, his war torn home in Atlantia and ultimately the world from Five and his biodroid army.

The Vision Quest is an action-packed, Science Fantasy adventure based on the science and technology of today--projected into a very probable tomorrow. Get yours here.

Publisher VGM Publishing
ISBN Number Bk1 13:978-09787309-0-1 Bk2 9780-9787309-1-8


Dan Watanabe at GLAWSDan Watanabe is a veteran educator, as well as a Film/Television Producer: For the past twenty-four years, Dan has had extensive experience in development, production and distribution, both in the office and on the set. For eleven years, he served as a “current” and new program development executive in both scripted and unscripted programming at FremantleMedia (formerly Pearson Television, All American Communications and Scotti Bros. Pictures), the production company behind Baywatch, The Price is Right, Family Feud and the hit series American Idol (which began just as he was leaving).

In addition to development duties, heserved as back-up booth person on Family Feud and To Tell the Truth, reviewed and made editorial suggestions for feature films that were part of various syndication packages, and oversaw the preparation of demo reels for NATPE. After FremantleMedia, he served as a consultant for CRC Entertainment, an independent production company that has just completed a feature film (Boilermaker) and have worked on a horror anthology television series pilot starring Robert Forrester.

He was also a freelance report writer for recruited test screenings for OTX Research, whose clients included Fox, New Line, Warner Independent, and Regency. Finally, he served as a development consultant for MyNetworks’ telenovela series.

LAVC LogoTeaching: Currently, Dan is a professor in the Media Arts department of Los Angeles Valley College where he teaches courses in low budget film producing, the production process, screenwriting and the history of broadcasting. He also taught eight sessions of a five week seminar series, the Production Assistant Boot Camp, in conjunction with Workplace Hollywood and the Los Angeles Community College District. He has also written a series of courses for Los Angeles City College exploring the world of below-the-line production and distribution. Most recently, this included a Technical Certificate.


                   Hall at the Greater Los Angeles Writers SocietyAce Hall Named after an African king of Kush that calculated the stellar systems for the first calendar, Acemandese has been writing stories the moment he learned how to spell his name. At the age of four years old, times got tough in the Hall household in Brooklyn, New York and Acemandese was sent to live with his grandmother in Jacksonville, Florida. His great-grandfather was Irish and great-grandmother, full-blooded Native American from a Cherokee tribe, so Acemandese was exposed to different cultures all of his early life. However, it was when he read Escape to Witch Mountain by Alexander Key at ten years old when he was introduced to the culture of Science Fiction.

Acemandese finished high school in 1984 with honors and lettered in football and track. But In 1986, he got married to his high school sweetheart and was devastated when she died in a freak car accident five days after their wedding. In an attempt to leave behind painful memories, Acemandese picked up the nickname “Ace” and moved back to New York and in 1990, completed a Bachelor’s degree from Long Island University with concentrations in screenwriting and filmmaking. In 1994, Ace began teaching English at A. B. G. Schultz Middle School in Hempstead, New York. His short story, “1936”, and other writings was first published in 1998 to an Adelphi University publication in Garden City, New York called Luna.

Ace is the Critique Manager for the Science Fiction and Horror Critique Group of The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society and currently works as a writer for Firestarr Entertainment/Major Independents <> Film Company, developing an animated project for a 2010 release.

Ace Hall Book CoverHis book, NEW TEACHERS BIBLE by ACE ANTONIO HALL Description: If you have ever seen the "kids gone wild" scene in the movie Kindergarten Cop, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, then you can imagine my first week of teaching. If you are like me, and most teachers I know, a smile comes to your face every time you think of how you thought the your first days of teaching would never end. Unfortunately, some teacher's tenure of terror last longer than a few weeks. The good news is that there are strategies out there for new teachers and educational institutions alike, which can ensure a few less gray hairs and consistent rewarding experiences. The tips in this book will focus on principles and strategies to maintain in your classroom. CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT 101. The New Teachers Bible has a number of pedagogical techniques, classroom management principles and ideologies, in the form of laws that will offer a foundation for classroom behavior, production, and expectations.

Get his book here!




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