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Writers in Collaboration

Writing alone is tough enough -- so, is writing with a partner easier, or does it create a whole new set of problems? Three teams of authors will explore the process of writing in collaboration with a partner. This diverse and informative panel will also discuss their methodology and experiences, as well as the trials, tribulations and rewards. Afterwards, they will also answer questions from the audience and autograph their work.

Doug Warr and Aaron Mason speak at GLAWS

Aaron Mason & Doug Warr are two writers based out of Studio City, California. Aaron and Doug have been friends for many years, and honed their writing skills on screenplays and comic books. When they decided to venture into novel writing they wanted to develop a special project that set them apart. “The Baffelgagging Blundernagging Brothers in Curse of the Bog Frog” is that project.

There are other adventures in the BBB series to come, as well as other sci-fi/fantasy novels and projects in various stages of development.

Dani Kollin and Eytan Kollin speak at GLAWSDani and Eytan will be having a book release party at Barnes and Noble, The Grove, LA on Monday April 6th, 7:30pm-9:30pm. There will be live music, food and refreshments. There will also be a reading, brief Q&A and signing. Invitation open to all.


Dani Kollin and Eytan Kollin are newly signed Tor authors with their first novel, "The Unincorporated Man". The book's pre-release has already received high acclaim including a SciFi Essential designation and positive reviews from such distinguished authors as Robert Sawyer, Gregory Benford and Kage Baker. The Kollin brothers have the distinction of being the only sibling collaborative science fiction writers today and their most frequently asked question is, “How on earth do you manage to work together with minimal loss of blood?”

Eytan is a teacher of history, government and economics currently living in Pasadena, California. Dani is an advertising executive currently living in Los Angeles, California. He works as a creative director in the print, broadcast, packaging and new media fields. In addition to being happily married and the proud father of three, Dani is an avid endurance cyclist and surfer.


Francisco Arcaurte and Denise Dumars speak at GLAWS


Denise Dumars and Francisco Arcaute are both professional writers who collaborate on screenplays with each other. Both have collaborated with other writers as well on various projects, and can talk about the joys and frustratons of the process.

Denise has published several books and is currently a literary agent and a college professor. Francisco is a public relations representative for a federal agency and a professional art photography; he is also former Chicago crime reporter.

Denise's books and Francisco's photographs will be for sale at this event.

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