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Speakers 2007
Susan Driscoll
November 2007

Susan Driscoll speaks at the Greater Los Angeles Writers SocietySusan Driscoll spoke to a near-capacity audience at the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society. Ms. Driscoll is the President and CEO of iUniverse, a leading provider of author publishing and on-demand printing services. With over twenty years of experience with some of the largest New York publishers, Driscoll has an in-depth understanding of publishing operations and is uniquely qualified to explain the alternatives available to authors today.  She is committed to providing authors with unbiased information and to help them avoid the pitfalls and false promises that proliferate today’s publishing landscape.

Susan has held management positions at Holt, HarperCollins, and Holtzbrinck Publishers including Editorial Director, Director of Marketing, Director of New Media and Technology, and Director of Operations. She joined iUniverse in July 2003 and since then has enhanced the company ’s visibility within the industry by expanding iUniverse’s editorial and marketing services.  She has positioned iUniverse as a professional and affordable way for authors to get—and keep—their books in print.

Susan is the co-author of Get Published!, a guide that provides an overview of publishing options available to authors and that describes the services available through iUniverse. She has served as a faculty member of The NYU Summer Publishing Institute.  She  resides in New York with her husband and three children.

Susand Driscoll at the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society
Ms. Driscoll's presentation on the publishing industry and issues for writers was well-received by the largest turnout  of the year for a GLAWS event.

Dr. Diana Glyer
October 2007

Dr. Diana Glyer has degrees in art, composition, education, and literature, and currently teaches English at Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, California. Her warmth and enthusiasm in the classroom has earned her the Chase A. Sawtell Inspirational Teaching Award.

Dr. Diana Glyerat the Greater Los Angeles Writers SocietyDr. Glyer appeared at the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society and spoke about writing in collaboration, of the friendship of C. S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, and the influence of the Inklings on such works as The Chronicles of Narnia, The Screwtape Letters, The Hobbit, and The Lord of the Rings.

In her new book, The Company They Keep: C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien as Writers in Community, she gives an inside look at what took place when these writers met to encourage each other and criticize drafts of work in progress. But even though she focuses her attention on Lewis, Tolkien, and the Inklings, the real subject of this book is the creative process— understanding how writers and other creative artists can urge one another on to creative breakthroughs and life-long productivity.

The Company They Keep has been noticed by reviewers who admire its fresh insights into the subject and also the engaging way that it is written:

“The Company They Keep is a marvelous book - fascinating, enjoyable, vastly informative and full of leads for future study. Diana should be congratulated on the heroically comprehensive scholarship, which makes it an indispensable resource. For me, however, reading it was pure enjoyment! - diving into another and delightful world. It is simply a tremendous reading experience.” Bruce G. Charlton, M.D., Editor-in-Chief of Medical Hypotheses

“Diana Glyer sees the hidden currents that serve as influences among writers, which makes this book as much a study about the act of writing in community as it is about the Inklings themselves. In other words, one need not be interested in the Inklings to be drawn in. It’s a fascinating case-study in group dynamics and the creative process, and because the two main subjects of the book, Tolkien and Lewis, also happen to be two of the past century’s most important writers, the book serves as a lens into the mechanism of genius as well.” APU Research Reporter

The Company They Keep is available for purchase at  For more information about Diana Glyer and her publications, visit

Diana Glyer at the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society with (L>R) Mike Glyer, Tony N. Todaro, Neil Citrin, DIANA GLYER, Patricia K.D.,  Mike Robinson, and Lillian M. Todaro
(L>R) Mike Glyer, Tony N. Todaro, Neil Citrin, DIANA GLYER, Patricia K.D.,
Mike Robinson, and Lillian M. Todaro

Sarah Maclay
September 2007

Sarah Maclay at GLAWSHer poems, essays and reviews have appeared in American Poetry Review, FIELD, Ploughshares, The Writers’ Chronicle, Ninth Letter, Swink, The Laurel Review, The Journal, lyric, Hotel Amerika, ZYZZYVA, Solo and numerous other spots including Poetry International, where she now serves as book review editor, and her work is forthcoming in The Best American Erotic Poetry from 1800 to the Present (Scribner’s, 2008).

She received a Special Mention in The Pushcart Prize 21 and was the first runner up in the 2007 Poets & Writers California Writers Exchange Contest.

Currently, she’s a visiting assistant professor at Loyola Marymount University. She also conducts workshops privately and, periodically, at Beyond Baroque.
Sarah Maclay at the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society
(L>R) Lisa Marguerite Mora, Tony N. Todaro, SARAH MACLAY,
Vibe Nystrom, and Mike Robinson

Sheila Finch
August 2007

Sheila Finchat the Greater Los Angeles Writers SocietySheila Finch taught fiction writing at El Camino College for almost 30 years, and has been writing science fiction professionally since the late seventies. She is also on the Board of Directors of SWFA, the Science Fiction Writers of America and appears at writing conventions including Loscon in Los Angeles, and around the country. She also teaches writing in her workshops.

She's been writing science fiction since the late seventies, and first published professionally (in FANTASY BOOK and ASIMOV'S) in the early eighties. The work that means the most to me is the series of stories and novels about a Guild of Xenolinguists, which allows me to use my love of all things to do with language in the future and on other planets. First contact with an intelligent alien, and the language problems that will surely result, is often overlooked in science fiction, taking a back seat to other plot points. For me, it can be the main attraction -- and a dangerous trade for my lingsters to be involved in.

Her most recent publication is a collection of stories about these lingsters, THE GUILD OF XENOLINGUISTS, is published by Golden Gryphon Press.

Sheila Finch at the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society
(L>R) Vibe Nystrom, Neil Citrin SHEILA FINCH, Tony N. Todaro, and Mike Robinson

John Shannon
July 2007

Author John Shannon at the Greater Los Angeles Writers SocietyMystery author John Shannon made a rare appearance to speak at GLAWS. His Jack Liffey myseries are considered "The most interesting new private detective series to lift his fedora over the norizon since Walter Mosley's Easy Rawlins!"  according to Dick Adler, Chicago Tribune. Mr. Shannon spoke on writing novels with a Los Angeles setting, and shared his experiences in the business of being a novelist. His rare appearance was at our equally rare location, the Playa Vista library.

Mr. Shannon published other novels before embarking on the popular Jack Liffey mystery series. The Orphan was a growing-up novel set in the hippie 1960s in Los Angeles. Courage is a novel of political revolution in Africa. Broken Codes is a spy thriller setting cynical American spy agencies against one another in the streets of London. The Taking of the Waters, from John Brown Books, a small Western radical press he helped found, is a three-generation saga of the American Left, moving from a feminist muckraker ahead of her times covering the water wars in Central California in the 1920s, to her son leading the Flint sit-down of the 1930s and then his son, leading a futile and self-destructive crusade after the bitter collapse of the New Left in the 1970s. Learn more at

Warren Lewis
June 2007
Warren Lewis with Tony N. Todaro and Krista Schwimmer
(L>R) WARREN LEWIS, Krista Schwimmer, and Tony N. Todaro

Warren Lewis' credits as screen writer include Black Rain (Paramount) and The Thirteenth Warrior (Touchstone). He has worked on assignments for most of the major studios including Sony, Warner Brothers and Fox; writing over twenty-five original or commissioned screenplays and numberous re-writes. His recent scripts include the Tale of the Bloodstone Riders, a western set in post civil war Texas.

Warren previously worked on over 100 commercials and 15 feature films in various production capacities. The latter brought him to Los Angeles where he earned credits as first assistant director on films directed by, among others, Penelope Shpeeris and John McTiernan. He was working as a first assistant director on a movie of the week when he sold his first script.

He also teaches classes on subjects including: The Lives of Your Characters, The Art, Craft, and Business of Writing, and Telling Your Story: Screeplay Form and Structure.


Dave Cunningham

Dave CunninghamPrevious to June 2007, the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society meetings featured discussion subjects under the guidance and inspiration of Dave Cunningham.

Dave is the former president of the California Writers Club (nation's oldest professional writers organization). He is a writer, speech and media coach, and winner of six national and regional writing awards.

He is a published author (two novels, two anthologies). He has interviewed four U.S. Presidents (Bush, Clinton, Carter and Nixon) and thousands of newsmakers, politicians, entertainers and sports stars as journalist and editor. In international corporate marketing/creative services, directed external communications, PR projects, promo strategies and special events, edited magazines and wrote press releases, executive speeches, video scripts, website copy and more.

Dave is formerly a daily newspaper sports editor, columnist and beat reporter, now a Baseball Hall of Fame voter. Covered World Series, Olympic Games, Super Bowls and Rose Bowls. Wrote columns on baseball, football, tennis, skiing, radio-TV and general commentary. Covered numerous news beats, including government, crime, schools and entertainment (movies, theater, concerts, books). Former chairman, Baseball Writers Association of America, Los Angeles/Anaheim branch. Professional film and TV actor; won theater awards for Best Director and Best Actor. Board of Directors, Irvine Community Theater.

We are all richer for his encourangement and monthly words of wisdom.


Susan Driscoll

Dr. Diana Glyer

Sarah Maclay

Sheila Finch

John Shannon

Warren Lewis

Dave Cunningham

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