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April 22, 2023
10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

April 23, 2023
10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society has a terrific venue for you
to promote your platform as an author and sell books

GLAWS will have a double booth at this tremendous event that every year sees 125,000-150,000 attendees over two jam-packed days. There are time slots each day where you as an author will be able to promote yourself, sell and autograph books. You literally have a seat at the table for the biggest event of its kind on the west coast.

Your book will also be displayed with your personal promo stand-up on our bookcase all weekend, regardless of your time slot, and you will be promoted through the GLAWS website and advertising, and the LA Times. Authors may sign up for one or two days. (Apply below »)GLAWS Booth

Nic Nelson's Top 5 Reasons To Be at LATFOB:

  1. LATFOB is a reader magnet. Every year, people tell me in person and Online that they love the FOB, or came to the FOB, because they love books. They can see, handle, and acquire books anytime at the library (for free!) or their favorite bookstore (if they live near a surviving one). They come to the FOB because they want more: they want to see hard-to-find books, Indie books, unusual books. They want to see what kind of book-oriented schwag and gizmos might be available at a book-focused festival. They want to rub shoulders with fellow book-lovers. And they are always fascinated to meet real authors, meaning YOU, either right now or in the near future if your book isn't published quite yet.
  2. LATFOB is a powerful reader magnet. Expect between 100,000 and 150,000 book lovers, all in one place, most of them flowing curiously past the ideally-situated GLAWS booth. (The location is the same, but the booth number changes depending on how the booths are configured.
  3. Readers buy books at book festivals. I don't know the statistics, but from my own observations over the past three LATFOBs, I'm guessing the average is two or three books per adult. If I'm right, there will be nearly a quarter of a million books sold at this year's LATFOB. And you don't want to be there? You don't want to compete for that business, you don't want to meet these people who find you fascinating just because you're an author, and who might buy your book just because you're right there to sign it for them?
  4. Readers pay attention to books from authors they already know. Obviously. This is why big-name authors can get away with the occasional mediocre offering and still make the New York Times list, right? And you get overlooked? This is your chance to not be overlooked. Every reader you meet at the GLAWS booth will remember you and be more likely to buy your book in the future.
  5. Name recognition doesn't only come from fame. It also comes from friendly acquaintance, and festivals like LATFOB are ideal settings to make the friendly acquaintance of an astonishing number of avid readers. Even if they don't read your genre, avid readers know (and spawn!) other avid readers, and when gift-giving opportunities roll around, you want your name and your book to come to their mind. If they never meet you, this will not happen.

About the GLAWS Booth At Festival of Books

Tom with crowd at LATFOBNaturally, we always strive for the best booth location in order to maximize your visibility. We will again have a DOUBLE BOOTH (10x20) with long tables and two bookcases for authors. See last year's lineup »

How to Qualify:

  • You must be a member of GLAWS in good standing.
    Yes, you may to join in order to qualify. Details »
  • A donation is requested per slot per day to help defray the cost of the booth and promotion (a real bargain since booths are expensive, and you keep 100% of whatever you sell)
  • Your work may be published or self-published, hard cover, trade paper, paperback, or E-book, and should be available for you to sell and autograph at the event.
  • Your agree to comply with the rules of the convention, GLAWS guidelines for the event, and all legal sales tax and liability requirements

If you are already a GLAWS member in good standing:

  • Register and remit your donation per day
  • Include 1st, 2nd, 3rd preferences for time slots
  • Times are assigned in the order that the above is received at our PO Box, or by Online payment date.
  • In the event of multiple requests for the same spot received on the same day, GLAWS Members in good standing, Lifetime, and Charter get first choice.

If you are not a GLAWS member:

You may become a member to participate. Simply apply as above with your letter, or join Online, with the requested donation per day / per time slot.
If you pay by mail, you must include:

  • A signed application for membership (available here),
  • A membership check with application. [ dues ] GLAWS is a 501(c).
Time Slots:
10:00 am- 12:00 noon
12:00 – 2:00 pm
2:00 – 4:00 pm
4:00 – 6:00 pm
10:00 am- 12:20
12:20 – 2:40 pm
2:40– 5:00 pm

Note: The "slots" refer to "chairs at the table". If you are a writing team, both of you must be a member to each have a chair at the table. We call these "couples memberships." Also, the requested donation is per slot, which means per chair. If you are a writing team and both want to sell books at the tables, you must each pay per time slot to help cover costs. Two at the Table (FYI, we typically sit two authors at a six foot (6') table and no more than three authors at an eight foot (8') table.) We limit the seating so that each member / author has room for books, handouts, and for your comfort. We also limit seating so there are never too many authors appearing at any one time. This helps increase your visibility and chances for sales and recognition.

Or Send a letter with the following information:

  • Your Full Legal Name
  • Pen Name (if any)
  • Contact information: Phones, emails, address, etc.
  • A short bio. We will ask for a longer one and photos later
  • Book Titles and genre. (Yes, you may sell more than one title.)
  • Format: State if your work will be sold as hard copies, CDs, DVDs, or E books. More authors are selling digital formats. Yes, you may promote them to event attendees using bookmarks and fliers. This is acceptable, but not ideal. We recommend that you have physical copies for display and impulse sales.
  • Time slots you want (limit one per day)
  • Any other information essential to your qualifications and appearance.
  • Include your donation check/money order with your letter by USPS to:

    The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society
    Attn: LATFOB Chair
    PO Box 2267
    Redondo Beach, CA 90278

What NOT to do:

  • Please do not email or call that you want to apply. We use the postmark on your envelope, or the date you apply Online for the order of applicants.
  • Please do not email or call asking if you've been accepted. Upon receipt of your letter & check, we will email you. If you do not get an email from us within 90 days, then you may email to be sure we received your application

Please be patient. Once you are accepted, you will receive a link with an overview of the event, plus periodic follow-ups with complete details. You will work with our Event Chairs, who handle operational details and answer questions.

Every year this event fills up quickly, so don’t be left hanging on the standby list! We will email accepted authors in February, so you have lots of time to promote your appearance.

NOTE: You must provide a copy of your State Board of Equalization (BOE Sales Tax License), and sign a liability release before the event. The promoter requires this. You should also have a copy of your license on hand when you appear in case an official of the State BOE audits the booth on-site.

NOTE: You must provide a copy of at least 2 of your Covid vaccinations.and a  booster.

We look forward to another terrific event and contributing to your success as an author.


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