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Special Speaker Events

Special Speaker Events (SSE) presented by the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society offer a wealth of educators, nationally-known authorities, industry experts, agents, publishers and famous authors. It is a terrific opportunity to learn about the craft and business of writing from the best voices of the day.

While GLAWS sometimes focuses on specific genres, most topics are broad-based and provide valuable information for all writers. (Pictured below is Ray Bradbury addressing a SRO attendance in the room dedicated to him at the Palms-Rancho Park Library.)

Special Speaker Event Audience at the Greater Los Angles Writers Society GLAWS welcomes writers of all genres of writing and levels of expertise. We also welcome those who support the writing community whether you're an industry professional or fan of writing. Admission is always free. Non-members, please register/check-in at the door to receive a guest badge. RSVP for preferred seating.

Schedule & Location: (Subject to change) Click for details
Special Speaker Events are typically held monthly on the third Saturday ten times a year. When the month has five-weekends, the SSE moves back a weekend to the fourth Saturday. Everyone is welcome. Typical agenda »
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A wealth of photos, details, and contact information for past events, speakers and panelists is archived in the Scrapbook Section »

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Saturday 2:30
PM Pacific Time


Winter Holiday Party
Pot luck buffet, wrapped book exchange, open mike, time to network, and have fun with free entertainment! Flier

10:30–Volunteers setup and decorate
11:00– Doors open -
               Attendees arrive
11:15 – Potluck Brunch
12:00 – Announcements /
12:15 – Open Mic Readings
1:15 – Book Exchange
1:30 – Clean up, pack out

Location tba
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Date tba
"Great Beginnings -
How Professional Editors Work

Our Annual Virtual Read and Critique Event Via Zoom

Saturday 2:30
PM Pacific Time

You've heard that if the first paragraph of your novel isn't strong enough, agents and publishers won't read the first page, let alone the first fifty. Now you can learn how to separate fact from fiction and remain true to your story. Learn to draft a first line that will grab an acquisition editor and announce your authority as an author. This is a unique opportunity for you to learn how pros consider the merits of the material and the intent of the author, covering everything from glaring grammar errors to story-structure flaws to the overall storytelling and more.

Fiction and Nonfiction welcome. First-submitted, first considered.

Join us as this panel of professional editors discuss the right way to hone your work into a masterpiece (i.e.: worthy of publishing) by knowing what to look for, and offer tips on how to fix it yourself. Selected works will be read aloud, so the audience can follow along and learn how an agent or publisher reviews a manuscript. Time permitting, they may suggest improving the samples.

Submit your work by January 15th as per the instructions to Will be considered in the order received. If accepted, your page will be projected on a big screen or via Zoom as it is read aloud, so the audience can follow along and learn from the pros to help improve your own writing. The panel will also take as many questions as time permits.

This “Read and Critique” is Free. Time permitting, we will discuss when is the right time to bring in a professional editor, and what it might cost.

"How To Spot Scams & Predators And What to Do When You are the Victim." 

A Virtual
Panel Discussion

Saturday 2:30
PM Pacific Time

As long as there are writers, there will be writing scams. Hungry predators will always be lying in wait, ready to pounce on any tender young scribe who strays from the safety of the mainstream herd.

And now there are an increasing number of scammers who target the established writer as well—hoping to profit from the discouragement so many indies are feeling as online services changing policies and algorithms leave them behind.

Be our guest for this FREE virtual panel of veteran authors and attorneys who will discuss the most common deceptions and how you as a writer can avoid falling into their trap -- or IF you do, some suggestions on what actions you can take.

This virtual workshop will include a Q&A segment.

Los Angeles Times
Festival of Books

USC Campus
3551 Trousdale Parkway
Los Angeles, CA 90089



April 22, 2023
10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

April 23, 2023
10 a.m. – 5 p.m

Live, In Person

GLAWS will have a 20' double booth at this tremendous event that every year sees 125,000-150,000 attendees over two jam-packed days. Each day member/authors will appear to promote themselves, sell and autograph books. Authors literally have a seat at the table for the biggest event of its kind on the west coast. Books will also be displayed with author's personal promo stand-up on our bookcases all weekend, regardless of their time slot, and are promoted through the GLAWS website, media, social marketing, and the LA Times.

Annual Greater Los Angeles Writers Conference
Hilton Los Angeles Westside
6161 West Centinela Avenue,
Culver City, CA, 90230-6306

1:30 - 7:30 pm
9:30 am - 11 pm
9:30 am - 3± pm

Take your writing to the next level at the Annual Greater Los Angeles Writers Conference (AGLAWC). This is a great opportunity to acquire educational and inspirational guidance from more than 40 literary agents, veteran educators, industry professionals, professional editors, and publishers in the craft and business of writing fiction, nonfiction, and screenwriting. [more >
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