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What's Your Story? Get heard and read by your fellow writers!

The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society Critique Groups fulfill an important part of our mission to create a nurturing and mentoring environment for writers of all disciplines. Critique groups help writers of any level of experience improve his or her work in a peer-to-peer environment, while treating each member and their work with equal respect.

Our groups meet by individual genres, so you are only meeting with writers of similar interests.

We have main group categories (brown titles), and genres (bullet bold) within each group. Each group sets its own meeting schedule: some meet monthly, others weekly or bi-weekly. Should one group grow too large, it may split into two, or sub-genres, and function on its own, as always, within the GLAWS Critique Group Guidelines.

The GLAWS Guidelines provides detailed information on how to prepare for a critique, how to present your material, as well as how to critique the material of other members in a respectful, constructive manner. This document was developed after evaluation of other writers' groups across the country. We also have guideliness for our Critique Group Leaders to maintain consisten professional standards in a friendly, nurturing, protective environment.

NOTE: GLAWS Members please wear your badge. Non-members are welcome to attend a session, but may not submit their work for critique until they join GLAWS. They may join at any time. There is NO charge for Members "In Good Standing" to participate in a GLAWS Critique Group. Please bring your GLAWS badge as proof of Membership.

The following are critique groups that we have offered in the past, and currently need an active Critique Group Leader.We certainly have enough members interested in each of these areas. If you are interested, qualified, and available, please contact Neil Citrin, Critique Group Director.

Specifically, memoir and personal essay. Our approach is to offer a supportive atmosphere where writers can feel comfortable to tell their story and receive thoughtful critiques focusing on content, structure, voice and even grammar. We meet every Monday from 7:00pm to 9:00pm in Ms. Actor's apartment in West Hollywood. For more information, please email her.

Next Meeting Date & Location: See Calendar

  Critique Group Leader: tba
  • Mystery, Suspense, Crime,
  • Courtroom Drama, Legal,
  • Detective/Police Procedural Thriller,
  • Action Adventures

Next Meeting & Location: See Calendar

Meetings are held in various locations. Email for dates, times, directions

(SFValley) Group Leader Position Open Email | tba
  (Los Angeles, Central`) tba Email |
  • Personal Improvement
  • Relationships
  • Child Guidance/Parenting
  • Religious/Inspiration
  • Health/Well-Being
  • Self-Improvement, Motivational

Next Meeting Date & Location: See Calendar

  Critique Group Leaders: TBA Email | TBA
  • Romance
  • Western
  • Historical
Critique Group Leaders: TBA Email | TBA
  • True Crime, Expose'
  • Action / Adventure
  • Military / War
  • Travel
Critique Group Leaders: TBA Email | TBA
  • Diet
  • Nutrition,
  • Exercise
  • Beauty
  Critique Group Leaders: TBA Email | TBA
  • Cooking/Food
  • Design
  • Sports
  • Hobbies
  Critique Group Leaders: TBA Email | TBA
  • Business/Finance,
  • Pop Culture/Current Affairs
  • Women's/Ethnic Issues,
  • Psychology
  • Health/Medicine
  • Politics/Law
  • Science/ Technology/Computers
  Critique Group Leaders: TBA Email | TBA
  • Dramatic Arts/ Music/Theater/ Film/Dance
  • Humor
  • Sports
  • Design
  • Newspaper
  • Magazine
  • Periodicals
 Critique Group Leaders: TBA Email | TBA

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