Nicolas   Nelson Parepidemos
2716 S. Vermont Ave., Suite #6
Los Angeles, CA 90007
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Mobile Phone: 3233634417
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In the "nonfiction" realm it would be academic writing (I'm an advocate for the Natural Language movement!), history, leadership, and travel. I also love SF, magical realism, historical fiction, alternative-history fiction, poetry, spoken word.

Profile/Bio: I love the English language in all its convoluted glory! See my website for my formal pitch: I really do enjoy helping others tell their stories well, or make their arguments cogent and compelling (sometimes this means surrendering indefensible opinions, or unworkable stories, so I do grief counseling as well).

I grew up in the Sonora Desert just north of the McDowell Mountains outside of Scottsdale Arizona, riding bikes with my brothers through the foothills before there was such a thing as a "mountain bike." Formal activities included 4H, the rodeo circuit, or Boy Scouts; I'm an Eagle Scout. I came to Southern California for college, fell in love with the City of Los Angeles (which, to my surprise, came bundled with a lovely wife), and have lived and worked in South LA ever since.

I wrote a monthly column for 13 years, served as editor for an annual literary compilation for three years, been an academic editor & writing coach since 2004, and began editing fiction & nonfiction books in earnest just a few years ago. I own a dog and am owned by two cats.

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