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Literary Landscapes Guidelines



Submission Guidelines

Literary Landscapes is the official literary publication of The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society. The GLAWS publication has a literary flavor, emphasizing members' works in genres ranging from fiction,
to non-fiction, book excerpts and poetry. 

It also features relevant articles on writing and publishing, and other juicy stuff. We aim to entertain, enlighten and educate. More than just a place to strut one's writerly stuff, as works and opinions are shared it will also make us more connected as a society, and provide a tangible tool for networking and guidance in your goals and growth as a writer. We’re always looking for literature of all types to showcase the literary expertise of our members.

Submission Schedule

We publish 3 times a year: January, May and September:
January Oct 1
May Feb 1
September July 1

Generally, the submission should be well-polished before submission, meaning it's several drafts old and/or has been critiqued by several of your peers. We recommend you run each MS through the appropriate GLAWS critique group before submission. Polish, polish, polish.

Please keep all prose material under 4,500 words.
Poetry between 3 and 100 lines.

We are looking for material that resonates on a broad base which may be in the areas of: 

  • The Craft of Writing 
  • Fiction 
  • Non-fiction 
  • Biographical 
  • Science Fiction / Fantasy 
  • Travel 
  • Journalistic 
  • Related to a screen or stage plays 
  • Educational 
  • Young Adult 
  • Self-improvement or motivational 
  • Self-help 
  • Romance 
  • Memoir 
    Or...surprise our editors with something creative!

What We Will Not Accept

We accept all genres, but please keep in mind that no matter how well-written, submitting an extremely niche-based piece, material that may be deemed too adult, politically controversial, offensive to our broad base of readers or excessively self-promoting, may lessen your chances for publication.

Rights and Rates

GLAWS membership includes a subscription to Literary Landscapes which is accessed through the GLAWS Website. It also gives opportunity to submit fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry and articles/reviews to the magazine.

There is no submission/or reading fee. The author retains the copyright. Only members in good standing, however, may submit. 

Please note: Even though we're a writing family here at GLAWS, realistically we can't publish everything. And since we can't get bogged down in major editing, the work should be well-polished before submission. This means that the work is several drafts old and/or has been critiqued by several of your peers. We recommend you run each MS through the appropriate GLAWS critique group before submission to LL.

Polish, polish, polish.

Simultaneous Submissions 

Authors may simultaneously submit to other literary magazines.

Contact Us

Please send submissions with your Name, day & night Phone number(s) and email to our submissions editor. If we like it, but can’t fit it in one issue, we may try to use it the next. We look forward to your submissions.

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